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FX21 D3 Helmet | Mavox

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Discover unparalleled safety with the Mavox FX21 D3 Helmet. Engineered for maximum protection, this advanced headgear ensures rider safety and comfort on the road.


The Mavox FX21 D3 Helmet is the epitome of advanced safety and innovation in motorcycle headgear. Meticulously engineered and designed, this helmet seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with rider comfort, delivering superior protection for riders of all levels.

Crafted with a robust outer shell, the FX21 D3 ensures exceptional impact resistance, effectively safeguarding riders against potential collisions. Its EPS inner liner is designed to absorb and distribute energy during impacts, providing unmatched safety on the road.

Engineered for rider comfort, the FX21 D3 integrates an advanced ventilation system, ensuring superior airflow to keep riders cool and composed during long rides. The moisture-wicking interior padding offers a snug fit and a dry, hygienic riding experience.

The helmet is equipped with a user-friendly quick-release buckle for convenience and added security. Its streamlined design reduces wind noise, ensuring an uninterrupted riding experience, while the scratch-resistant visor guarantees clear visibility and long-lasting durability.


  1. Robust outer shell for exceptional impact resistance.
  2. EPS inner liner for efficient energy absorption during impacts.
  3. Advanced ventilation system for optimal airflow and rider comfort.
  4. Moisture-wicking, removable, and washable interior padding.
  5. Quick-release buckle for user convenience and added security.
  6. Streamlined design to reduce wind noise for an enjoyable ride.
  7. Scratch-resistant visor ensuring clear visibility and long-term durability.

The Mavox FX21 D3 Helmet isn’t just headgear; it’s a commitment to safety and style, providing riders with the ultimate combination of protection and sophistication on the road.

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