Make a difference with Mavox
Posted on 19 Jun 2018

Comprehending the need of the riders and giving them a helmet with which they can have the experience of a lifetime is the whole idea of the Mavox family. Usually riders’ complaint of poor ventilation that leads to sweating; squishing heads causing discomfort and a lot more.

The brand Mavox eases the rider's pain points. Be it the air vents & padded pores for optimal air circulation or detachable & washable liners for better hygiene solutions, not to mention our safety standards, which are world-class make our master blaster helmets standout!!

Shock absorption ability which should be a paramount feature of any motorbike helmet is one of the highlights of all our masterpieces.

Designing the helmet models is not enough, all the helmets have to go through a thorough quality test. In the case of Mavox, for example, many different tests are done to check the paint quality to keep the issues of scratch and fading paint at bay.

Usually, we have seen things which are more packed with features happen to be inferior in looks. But with a brand like Mavox, every single helmet is a stunner in terms of appearance. Thus, it hardly matters if a bike rider is a biking maniac or the one to whom motorbike is only a mode of convenience, helmets are an indispensable part of every rider’s biking attire.