Never give your helmet a miss
Posted on 19 Jun 2018

Strange but true, some drivers do not prefer wearing seat belts simply because they feel tied up, likewise, some riders feel that wearing a helmet is an extra burden on them. Even though the government has made helmets mandatory for the riders after realizing that motorcyclists require additional precaution and that protection starts from the head.   

Some say it’s their freedom of choice, while some other riders feel that the helmet limits their vision, however to those riders' knowledge, helmets today are serving more than a safety headgear. Designers have left no stone unturned in creating the masterpieces which are way ahead in terms of everything, be it the aerodynamic design, perfect fit, clear vision visor or them being weather protective.

However, on road any rider can commit a mistake leading to an accident but if the rider is well prepared, he is safe and if the rider is safe then the nation is itself safe heaven. India is the nation where road accidents graph is elevating, but riders can turn the tables if they make it syntax- ‘No Helmet, No Ride’.