Nayi Soch. Nayi Raftaar.

In the journey of life, roads play an important part. In between our destinations and comeback trails, there is a feeling of care and safety that truly defines our brand Mavox. With a soul of technology, Mavox rolls on the roads firmly and safely. When we kick-start our dreams, Mavox is the perfect thing to take home.

  • Our Passion - To make every ride memorable and safe.
  • Our Commitment - To mould our creed and pride into craftsmanship that takes the momentum ahead with style.
  • Our Core - Is the peace every rider enjoys whenever one wears a Mavox helmet.
  • Our Technology - Infused at every step by keeping your safety and comfort in mind.
  • Our Vision - To become India’s most loved, most preferred and responsible helmet and biking accessories brand.
  • Our Mission - To be the leading player in Two-wheeler helmets and accessories ensuring high standards of safety with advanced technology and superior values.

Sandhar Amkin Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a technology and quality oriented company backed by automotive component major, Sandhar Technologies Ltd. The company truly represents the philosophy of ENERGY, PASSION & FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGIES.

With its unique product offerings, we intend to operate on a motto of ‘BETTER’ and ‘SAFER’ life. Sandhar-Amkin takes advantage of the quality systems, relationships and legacy of its promoters, by introducing true segment-leading innovations and value-additions, keeping the best interests of the Indian two-wheeler riders in mind.