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Impact Absorption Test

Determines the impact energy that a helmet can absorb when dropped from a certain height.


Rigidity Test

Determines the dynamic displacement, residual displacement and damage to the retention system in order to assess the suitability of the helmet


Quick Release Mechanism Test

Determines the detachable force of micrometric buckle and the easy functioning of release mechanism after an accident

Product Categories

Open Face

Full Face


Flip Up

Helmets for every rider

Helmets ahead of Weather Forecast

Our helmets have been designed in a way that makes it intact irrespective of the weather conditions around.

Lightness Alert

The featherweight attribute of our products make it the perfect pick for anyone who loves to ride without feeling the poundage over their head.

Helmets that create a whirl

Designed for suiting preferences of both men and women, our products ensure in vogue safety for everyone.

What Mavoxians have got to Say?

Awesome perfect product, with this price range, very comfortable, safe and look wise also too good. I really love it, it looks premium.


Verified Customer

Helmet quality is amazing. Glass is of very good quality. Best for activa or any gearless scooter. For bikes go for a full face helmet. Total value for money item.


Verified Customer

best helmet under 650. Light weight, comfort level is good enough. The best part I like about this helmet is visibility. Go for it.


Verified Customer

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