How two-wheeler riders can protect themselves from Delhi’s air pollution
How two-wheeler riders can protect themselves from Delhi’s air pollution

The air pollution in Delhi NCR may have come down a bit over the past couple of days, but that doesn’t mean the city’s air is back to being safe. To cut a long story short, we need means to safeguard ourselves as we go about our days; now, we have air purifiers for when we are indoors, but what about people who ride two-wheelers? Sandhar Amkin Industries Pvt Ltd. has the answer. The company’s activated carbon air filter helmets can filter polluted air by up to 93 per cent.

Ayyushman Mehta, managing director, Sandhar Amkin Industries Pvt. Ltd, said, “Mavox FX30 is specifically designed for frequent riders with optimum focus on their health. With the current air quality worsening, our helmet’s provides end-to-end safety of our riders not just physically but also from the toxic pollutants present in the air. The Activated Carbon filters present in the helmet ensures to safety from air pollutants up to 93%.”

Activated carbon, a.k.a. activated charcoal, is essentially charcoal treated with oxygen so as to open up carbon atoms’ pores. The company noted that this not only helps with the absorption of specific airborne particles but also harmful gases and chemicals that can take a toll on air quality. The Mavox FX30 Max helmet’s carbon filter traps air pollutants and ensures they are unable to go back out into the air. And what do you do when the filter is inevitably brimming with dust and whatnot? Oh, that’s simple — just take out the air filter and wash out the dust trapped in the filter.

The company added that the FX30 Max helmet is certified by ECE and also gets a qualified outer visor, aerodynamic air vents, watertight interface visor, a large top vent for single-hand usage, etc. In addition to that, the helmet gets UV resistant paint and is also scratch-resistant. You can pick one of these up from an e-commerce store, such as Amazon or Flipkart.

As Delhi NCR struggles with air pollution, it is imperative that road users take sufficient measures to protect themselves from the hazardous levels of this toxic air. If you drive a car, you could consider buying smaller air purifiers. Oh and don’t forget the masks.

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