On road for people’s safety
On road for people’s safety

BENGALURU: We often overlook our own safety when it comes to the matter of vanity. Case in point: helmets. After noticing the stark difference in the market between India and the other South Asian countries, Ayyushman Mehta, the co-founder and the managing director of the company Sandhar Amkin started in 2018, had a revelation.

“India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world. But in comparison, the safety of the same in terms of helmet we were lacking. I thought we should be leading from the front. I took it as a personal mission to contribute to the Indian helmet production,” he says. And thus Mavox, their safety helmet product was launched this year.

Initially, the company launched products in the midrange market, in terms of quality pricing and targeting and are planning to launch entry-level products in affordable pricing to reach the larger market. The biggest challenge for entering a market that has absolutely no streamlining was customer behaviour. “We have customers who buy helmets with various motivations.

Some might buy it just to evade the traffic police, some might buy the helmets with the minimum safety certification and some might buy it based on the weight and comfort. So India has broad buying behaviour. We are trying to create a product that caters and satisfies all of those needs,” says Ayyushman. “Our motive is to create helmets what are safe and stylish at affordable price,” he adds. Mavox helmets are priced from Rs 1,485 onwards.

Mavox started with a capital of Rs 25 crore to contribute to manufacture, inventory and sales. “We are glad that wherever we have showcased our product we have had people were appreciating the quality at the pricepoint that we were offering it at. We plan on creating innovative helmets, with designs that eliminate distractions, bluetooth access, air filteration and so on,” he shares.

“There were NGOs, the Traffic police department and the public who were supportive and encouraged the organised sector in safety. This was what made us decide that it was the right time to enter the market. We want to show how serious we are about safety through the quality and the designs of our product,” says Ayyushman who is a traveler himself.

Based in Gurgaon, the product has its presence all over the country. “Currently we are available in a few retail stores offline and also on all leading e-commerce websites setting our sales in every major city in the country. We will soon be creating our own website for sales,” he said.

In a nutshell

● Sandhar Amkin was founded in 2018 and the product Mavox was launched this year.
● `25 crore was invested into the manufacture and the inventory of the safety helmet
● Co-founder and Managing Director Ayyushman Mehta saw how unorganised the safety market was in India, the largest two-wheeler market in the world and ideated the product.
● Their products start from the affordable price point of Rs 1,485

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